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Hi readers I have to share with you something that has been bothering me for a while now. I often enjoy reading a certain football rumours website, as it is interesting to see the amount of people that supposedly have contacts within the game. That however is not what I will talk about today, as the name of this post suggests I am here thinking about, and there is one question that this blog post will be about and that is this; what makes a football club . . . a big football club?

Now going back to the football rumour website that I mentioned earlier, there has been a debate between the people that post on that site for a while now about who the big clubs in the premier league are. There are many Everton, Tottenham and Newcastle fans talking about which one is the biggest club. This got me to thinking about which one of them is actually the biggest club. I will now look at the clubs one by one to see which is indeed the biggest;

  • Tottenham HotspurDomestic League Success: Tottenham have won a total of 8 Domestic leagues since the club was formed, their first was way back in the 1899/1900 season, and their most recent was in the 1960/61 season. Domestic Cup Success: Tottenham have won a total of 8 FA Cups, first one was won in 1901, and their latest triumph was in 1991. There have won a total of 4 League Cups, the first was in the 1970/71 season and the latest was in the 2007/08 season. They have also won the Community Shield on 7 separate occasions. European Cup Success: They have won the UEFA Cup twice in their history, the first was in 1972 (when they were the first football team ever to win the competition, which they last won in 1984. They also have one UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup success in the 1962/63 season. Total Trophies won: 31. Highest Premier League Finish: 5th twice in the 2005/06 season and the 2006/07 season.
  • Newcastle UnitedDomestic League Success: Newcastle have won a total of 6 league titles, their first league win being in the 1904/05 season, with the latest league win in the 1992/93 season (Old Second Division, would be equal to the Championship). Domestic Cup Success: They have won the FA cup a total of 6 times, with the first being in 1910, and the latest in 1950. They have also won the community shield on 1 occasion. European Cup Success: They have won a total of 3 European cups, which include: Anglo-Italian Cup, Inter Cities Fairs Cup (now UEFA Cup) and the Intertoto Cup (the most recent in 2006). Total Trophies Won: 19. Highest Premier League Finish: Runners-up twice in 1995/96 season and 1996/97 season.
  • Everton – Domestic League Success: They have won a total of 10 league titles, with the first coming in the 1890/91 season, with the most recent triumph being in the 1986/87 season. Domestic Cup Success: They have won the FA cup a total of 5 times. They have also won the Charity Shield on 9 occasions, the first time was in 1928 and the latest was in 1995. European Cup Success: They have only won on European Cup and that was the European Cup Winners’ Cup back in 1985. Total Trophies Won: 25. Highest Premier League Finish: 4th once in the 2005/06 season.
  • Info courtesy of Wikipedia

From looking at the amount of trophies won it is clear to see that Tottenham Hotspur have been the most successful club. Now as for Premier League success it has to be said that so far Newcastle have had the greatest success finishing Runners-up on two occasions. Newcastle have the biggest stadium out of the three clubs, thus resulting in them have the biggest support out of the three teams.

Does this mean then that Newcastle is the biggest club? I think not. Are Tottenham the biggest club? again I think not. So that leaves Everton, are they the biggest club? yet again I have to say no. Now to me a big team is one that has gone above and beyond the norm for teams, this means either winning the Premier League, the Champions League or indeed the UEFA cup, none of which any of these teams has managed to do in recent times. Yes every club has a grand history and some clubs is better than others, but for a team to be a big club they need modern success, something which these three teams lack. For that reason I have to say that not one of them can be classed as a Big Club.

If indeed they could boast twice winning the Champions Cup such as Nottingham Forest, I could see how they could have a shout at being a big club, and this is my reasoning behind the fact the three teams mentioned above are not big clubs. If a team such as Nottingham Forest can have won 2 European Cups and not be classed as a big club, then I am afraid to say that neither Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur or Everton can claim to be a big club.

So hope you enjoyed reading, sorry if you find it a bit on the heavy side, but as a great philosopher once said . . . “They think it’s all over!” . . . . “It is now!”

Joey Deac out


This is a question I have often wondered, and as yet I do not think that I know the answer. I will not pretend that I know the answer, as I am sure that there is no wrong or right way to create a good blog post. I do feel however that in order to make a blog post worth reading, and indeed interesting to have a few key elements. These may or may not include:

  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • End
  • Point to the blog

I think that like any good story (or any story for that matter,) needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end, it also needs to lead the reader somewhere, whether it be to learn them new skills or techniques, inform them of what a product or film is like or just give them news and views on current events. I believe that a good blog post is something which informs the reader, makes the reader laugh, and ultimately makes the user leave the blog knowing that the next time that they read it, that it will be very much the same again.

Now when looking at the points that I have written above it is quite clear, that I have not taken any of the stuff I said on board, and for that matter I do understand if people who read this feel like they have been cheated, I do apologise and I will say that my next post (whenever that may be, Monday probably as I have work tomorrow), will be decent enough for you readers to come back and try again.

Untill then goodbye from me
Joey Deac

Blog Sensation

For a while now I have sat and pondered the notion of a Blog. I have often wondered what the point of a blog is. Is a blog simply a way for people that don’t much of a life to get one? Or is it that our need to transverse to the world our thoughts and feelings, the reason behind one of the fastest growing trends on the Internet. Now I know that I might be rather late in making this point, and indeed I am in no doubt that this thought has not be posted thousands of times on various blogs and forums. But I just wonder if it is indeed our need to share information and our experiences with the world? that drives us to spend hours of our life on our computers sharing notions with the world.

It is at that stage where people would rather sit at a chair in front of their laptops or personal computers, and talk to the world through the medium of modern technology’s. It is for this reason that Blogs exist, they are there to be the medium between which most of the world communicates. How else could you give advice on how to complete the latest GTA, or tell those that have not been fortunate enough to watch a movie, a step-by-step play through of the plot. These are something that I am sure many people take for granted, and it is something that has very much become part of our everyday lives. Now don’t get me wrong I do like the thought of a blog and the principles on which it is bought about, just lets give a thought to a world without the Internet and indeed without blogs. I would not be able to ramble like I am if some smart, smart people in the world did not come up with all of this.

That being said if there is one thing that I could indeed change it would be that this sensation came about alot sooner than it did, as with anything though technology comes with time, and that is something that we all have a limited number of. But at the very least I have now started writing a blog and I shall continue to do so, lets just hope that the next time I write something it actually is interesting enough for people to read and re-read. Until then goodbye my readers.

Joey out.

My New Blog, Why?

Hello readers of my new blog, I am typing now to introduce myself and tell all you wonderful people just what my blog is about.  Now I will do a little question and answer to let you fellow people know what to expect.  Now one thing I must say before I start is that; the questions that I am about to answer were not given to me by anyone, they are my own questions to myself (sad I know,) anyways on with the blog.

  1. Why did you create this blog?
  2. What will be the main content of your blog?
  3. Is your blog any different from ones out there already?
  4. Why did you pick that name for your blog?
  5. Do you want to be a journalist?
  1. I created this blog because I thought it were about time that I did something with my web life, for too long now have I sat at my computer for many hours and not really done anything.  I surf the web just because I can, there are many interesting things on the internet to look at, but I figure that I might as well join in and give it a go.
  2. The main content of my blog will be to let you guys know my thoughts on various subjects that I may read about somewhere, or things that happen everyday on something called the news.  As the name of my blog states, it will be debates about various things (well as much as anyone can debate with themselves, so its not really a debate, more a dictatorship on my own mind!)
  3. Well as I am different from every other person on the planet then I guess my blog will be different to all the others, in terms of my personality that shines through in my typing skills, (of which I might say are not too shabby!)
  4. I choose the name because I cannot think of what would be a better name, now in time if I think of or discover a better name then I will use it, if not? . . . well then I shall just stick with and go into a cave and stay there, that way people will not be offended by me or my opinions.
  5. I think everyone deep down (that writes blogs anyway) thinks of themselves as a journalist, otherwise why bother writing one.  People may argue with what I say but I do not really care, they know I am right so end of story.  Now I write in the hope that people will like what I type, and what I have to say, and who knows maybe one day someone will look at this blog and think

    “Hey this guy has some talent about writing, I know I will give him a job in my newspaper team”

    That though as we know is highly unlikely, and the world just does not work like that.

So there we have it the Q&A of my blog, now that will be all for today I shall get back to you readers at a later date (probably tomorrow,) to say a few more words.  Until then good night, and goodbye.
Thanks for reading
Joey Deac